Make a best of: Led Zeppelin edition

Only two rules:

  • 12 tracks max.
  • studio recordings only

Let’s hear 'em. Go!!

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post the tracklist (not on spotify book)

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Side 1:
The Song Remains The Same
Over the Hills and Far Away
Battle of Evermore
Custard Pie
No Quarter

Side 2:
Rain Song
Black Dog
Trampled Under Foot
Misty Mountain Hop
Houses of the Holy
Stairway to Heaven

Shut up Eric

Side 1:

  1. Rock and Roll - IV
  2. Celebration Day - III
  3. Dazed and Confused - I
  4. When The Levee Breaks - IV
  5. What Is And What Should Never Be - II
  6. Heartbreaker - II

Side 2:

  1. Tangerine - III
  2. No Quarter - Houses of the Holy
  3. Houses of the Holy - Physical Graffiti
  4. The Song Remains The Same - Houses of the Holy
  5. The Battle of Evermore - IV
  6. Over The Hills and Far Away - Houses of the Holy

Side 1:
Gallows Pole
Down By the Seaside
Ten Years Gone
Fool in the Rain
Communication Breakdown

Side 2:
In The Evening
Going to California
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
The Ocean
All My Love
Thank You

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Ha wow, we dont have a single track in common

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Signs of a good band.

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No love for Ramble On?

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firing this up for the walk to my girlfriend’s house

Both lists need more ‘In My Time of Dying’.

posted my top 25 here:

but Ill c/p the top 12:

  1. over the hills and far away: (incredible intro and the best beat drop in rock)
  2. tangerine (first song i loved by them, one of the few songs i could sing the lyrics to)
  3. babe i’m gonna leave you (middle section bangs)
  4. achilles last stand (bonham godamn my man chill dont do it to em)
  5. no quarter (hella majestic and psychedelic, so many bands have tried to make this song but none as good, this is my favorite song of theirs as im listening but i dont feel like copying and pasting above the others atm)
  6. fool in the rain (another swinging drum track, very purdie-esque)
  7. ten years gone (man these guys could really build a song ay)
  8. how many more times (fuzzzz. but its all about where this song goes after the first third)
  9. in my time of dying (tempo shifting like crazy, i like the “so i can die eeeeeeasy” part)
  10. dazed and confused (the riffs are good, middle section really lets loose)
  11. going to california (simple but very sweet, im from ca so i have fan duties to like)
  12. when the levee breaks (drums and intro is too tough, masterwork all around)