Make a Bold Preddo about a Fellow Diser (Be Nice)

Make a light-hearted, friendly, easily verifiable (by them) prediction on some aspect of another DiSer’s life. Get it wrong and that DiSer can come up with a simple forfeit. Like changing your avatar to something embarrassing for a week. Play nice.

For example: I bet @anon5266188 has never watched an entire James Bond film.

i bet @anon29812515 has never gone through a phase of being vegetarian

Hello, friend. I can confirm that I HAVE watched an entire James Bond film but have NOT seen any single Daniel Craig edition

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D’oh! You can either make a wild prediction about me (wrong and we’ll call it quits), or you can choose a forfeit. Thanks for playing.


I’d put good money on the fact @xylo has cried at least twice watching a sunset.


I predict that @anon67149139 has never been to Halifax (bank or town)

Is that a joke? Last time I are meat I was 7

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I believe you’ve made a spelling error.


I’m really glad you used the full word “prediction” in the first line of the opening post.

That was my initial thought, damn.

I’m walking back from Waitrose defending assaults from all sides. Give me a break!

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I have, my friend! But only the bank / building soc. The branch in Eastleigh Swan Centre during my GCSEs. We had to collect leaflets about mortgages for a fascinating project on (un)interest(ing) rates. Thanks for your preddo!

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I’m going to break your editing finger

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@marckee is saving up all his likes for a mad splurge

As much as I like splurging in general, I do not see this happening.

@bird has defintely danced in front of a mirror in the last fortnight.

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i don’t believe you, on either count

any chance of a like for my bare faced cheek?

-awaits like-