Make a Bold Preddo about a Fellow Diser (Be Nice)



Make a light-hearted, friendly, easily verifiable (by them) prediction on some aspect of another DiSer’s life. Get it wrong and that DiSer can come up with a simple forfeit. Like changing your avatar to something embarrassing for a week. Play nice.

For example: I bet @Antpocalypsenow has never watched an entire James Bond film.


i bet @Balonz has never gone through a phase of being vegetarian


Hello, friend. I can confirm that I HAVE watched an entire James Bond film but have NOT seen any single Daniel Craig edition


D’oh! You can either make a wild prediction about me (wrong and we’ll call it quits), or you can choose a forfeit. Thanks for playing.




I’d put good money on the fact @xylo has cried at least twice watching a sunset.


I predict that @twentynine_weetabix has never been to Halifax (bank or town)


Is that a joke? Last time I are meat I was 7


False! I find the sunrise to be a moment to behold and weep for. Sunsets are dull.


I believe you’ve made a spelling error.


I’m really glad you used the full word “prediction” in the first line of the opening post.


That was my initial thought, damn.


Forfeit: one word answers for the rest of the day, in this format:



I’m walking back from Waitrose defending assaults from all sides. Give me a break!




I have, my friend! But only the bank / building soc. The branch in Eastleigh Swan Centre during my GCSEs. We had to collect leaflets about mortgages for a fascinating project on (un)interest(ing) rates. Thanks for your preddo!


I’m going to break your editing finger


@marckee is saving up all his likes for a mad splurge


As much as I like splurging in general, I do not see this happening.


@bird has defintely danced in front of a mirror in the last fortnight.