🍺 Make a small donation to help keep DiS online

Sent a fiver, sorry it’s not more.

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There are still about 80k people a month who dip into the site and boards. If they all donated £1 or even 10% of them donated a fiver ever now and then, we would be golden.

I once did a GoFundMe that had 12k views and less than 300 donations.

Every donation makes a huge difference rn. So thank you and there’s absolutely no need to apologise.


my monthly sub is still rolling :+1:


This thread has had 408 views but look at how few clicks. :pensive:

I have a monthly donation set up already :+1:


Hi All
Just paid for this month’s forum hosting from my own pocket as we’re very low on funds. I know times are time but if you’re able to make a small donation to keep these forums online it’d be much appreciated.

Quickest way to donate is here PayPal.Me

Also if anyone has any bright ideas, there’s a thread for that:


I still have a monthly donation set up and I hope that others will consider setting one up if they can afford to. DiS is a really valuable resource for many people and it’s only fair that we should share the cost if we can.


Thank you to the 5 of you who have made donations today, including a very kind one


I do a monthly payment via Paypal, and this has prompted me to raise it by a few quid, but I can’t work out how to amend the amount? If anyone knows how to, please let me know, or is it easiest to just cancel it and start over on the higher level?


Yeah I’ve had a standing monthly one for a few years now (I think), but definitely could raise it or drop a few one off donations on top


I used to do a monthly one but I’m so poor I had to stop, I’d like to find a way to carry on with it though but now I can’t find the link for a monthly payment. Do you have it handy?

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Finally able to set up a monthly donation. Something like 80% of my new music comes from interacting on these boards & I’d hate to see them disappear. Thanks Sean for all your efforts to keep them going.


For anyone looking for the regular donation link, it was in the OP


Just donated, only joined the forum a few weeks ago, but lots of nice folk and interesting opinions. Many thanks for running it. The kind members have even let me take pole position in the music league for a week as a welcome treat!


Done, sorry it’s only my first and not very much

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Excellent, I’ll set it up on 28th payday :kissing_heart:

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I have a monthly donation going, will try and up it a few quid. Would pay a monthly subscription just for the Rolling Hip Hop thread tbh. Also keen to make a donation now. Is there any way to donate aside from PayPal? Can’t get into my PayPal account for some reason

Set up a monthly via PayPal. I’ve wanted to help out for years, just not able to until recently.