Make mine a Monday morning thread, extra large

Just woke up after a very bad ending to a dream where my (grossness ahead) dad jumped off a balcony that was way higher than he expected and he broke both his legs and there were bones everywhere. Was very glad to realise that hadn’t happened!

Any more enjoyable starts to your mornings or plans for the day ahead go in this thread … now

Absolutely no way this week can be worse than the last one. Dropping my car off at the garage then on to work, so not a promising start tbh.

He was just doing it to take a shortcut to get to the fictional hotel bar a little quicker, silly choice imho

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No work today. So that’s nice


What gonna do?

Ummm, not sure. My wife is probably taking my daughter swimming, so I’ll have the youngest this morning. Might try and get a walk in, but generally probably just going to enjoy not being at work


Morning jaggyp at al!

I didn’t dream of anything horrific but I don’t feel especially awesome, especially after going to bed at half nine last night.

My morning is probably going to be mainly essay feedback and my afternoon will involve finding new ways to engage an increasingly unresponsive group who do a mock exam this time next week.

I’m supposed to be playing football after work but they’re all really excited about the fact we found fourteen players and can use the big pitch. I don’t like playing on the big pitch but don’t want to let people down.

Read “mine” as “minge”.


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Morning morning folks, hope everyone’s well. It’s half term, it’s still pretty much stormsville here, and I’ve got work to do, so it’s shaping up to be a satisfying day for every member of the family! I say that, I’m gonna make pancakes later and we might play Monopoly and try to get some more stars on Mario 3D Worlds.

Absolutely soaked and freezing. Lovely fresh hailstorm mixed with torrential rain there that i need to go back out in again shortly :cold_face:

Weird week coming up, got a tour for instagram influencers tomorrow :sob:

So hungover. Send help.

Day off here as well. Going to walk the dogs then drag the kids into town, think we’ll hit up the Pink Lane Bakery then go to the Centre for Life.

Stormsville still here too, so i feel like i got about 25 minutes sleep last night!

Roll on tomorrow night, Rolo Tomassi in Manchester.

I read about a naturalist who thought that a day when you’d seen a flock of Long Tailed Tits would always be a good day. I’ve stolen that, and it’s ace, gives you an extra filip when you see what is a fab sight anyway.

Reckon you can adapt that for Barn Owls and a full week.


Sister is coming around with her kids so we can take the pooch for a mooch around Lacock.

Tea and biscuits as well of course.

Feel like we’re way overdue some Billy pics

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Good grief I wasn’t ready for my heart to explode

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He is not nippy at all…in fact other than waking at 4 or 5 in the morning to wee/poo and then thinking its play time for about half hour he is no problem. He is very very cuddly, just wants to be on our laps all day :smiley:


9-530 virtual training every day this week. Can’t deal.

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