"Make sure the date is underlined" "make sure you've done a margin"

This is a thread about pointless stuff they made you do at school.

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Say the Lord’s Prayer.


Wrapping your jotters and school books in wallpaper.


Drink disgustingly warm milk at morning break

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Go to art lessons

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*General Studies


most things


Write “AMDG” in the top left margin of every piece of work #justjesuitthings


And sing hymns. And RE classes.

Sing hymns (junior school)
Cross country running

“Find a space” in PE

Writing lines

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at my primary school every page we would go on to write on we would have to do a “border” on first - basically go round the edges of the page doing continuous joined up letter Cs or Ys or whatever,

The headmistress was obsessed with good handwriting - which had to be done in this specific style they called italics. I have terrible handwriting, so it seems to have been wasted effort

Lots of people don’t join up their handwriting

I think I’m edging towards “we shouldn’t bother teaching kids how to write let alone how to do fancy handwriting” as a genuinely held opinion.

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WRONG. Showers clean your body.


we also were not allowed to use lined paper - we had to use unlined, but then put another piece of paper with lines and a margin underneath the page we wrote on - so you could kind of see the lines but not really. just pointless, pointless fatf Miss Pope you muppet… I bet the teachers hated it too to be honest


My Higher maths teacher was shit at maths (he wanted to be a history teacher) so made us learn the only way he did: brute force repetition. I had more maths homework every night than every other subject put together, because that thick cunt wanted everyone to do 100 examples of differentiation or whatever in lieu of actually explaining the principles. I’ve never actually understood maths because of this dickhead.

I was thinking about this yesterday, actually, so it’s safe to say I’m still annoyed about it.