"Make sure the date is underlined" "make sure you've done a margin"

I used to get in trouble all the time for not underlining the date and title because I usually didn’t have a ruler on me, I was a goody two-shoes so they probably felt they had to tell me off for something. What a crock of shit.

Also we weren’t allowed to take our blazers off without permission and weren’t allowed to wear coats and scarves in the classroom even though the building was constructed out of paper in the 60s and kids were literally shivering in their seats.

Edit: this was a state comp with delusions of grandeur



I went to one of those too :blush:

Good morning [teacher]
Good morning

  • Everyone
  • Everybody

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  • Present
  • Here
  • Yes sir/miss
  • Yes
  • Other
  • No oral register (fnarr)

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I missed the last episode because I was ill and didn’t see it for years after, livid.

We spent a month taking recordings of wind direction and speed in primary school. Seemed pretty pointless. I remember not being sure about whether I should be recording the direction the wind was coming from or the direction the wind was going to. Turns out the UK does not have a prevailing north-easterly wind.

I say “Good morning [insert name here]”
and they say “Good morning [my name]”

Totalitarian rules on hair. I don’t know if this is widespread or just the fucked up Christian squares where I went, but you couldn’t have anything shorter than a #2 or dye your hair a colour which wouldn’t naturally occur, or have it dyed more than one colour. I once got put in isolation for a week for having my hair too short, and I was pretty upset by it. Had to sit on a desk outside the staff room all day, right in a window that looked out onto the yard. Not allowed to speak to anybody during school hours for a week, also on display to all the other kids to get laughed at. Still angry about it tbh, how do they have any right to take issue with somebody’s hair?

Remember when everyone wore their tie really short with a massive knot so they said it had to be at least a certain length, so then everyone started wearing their tie absurdly long. Good clean fun

Think this was when Mr. Moon at Philip morant made a rule that at least 3 stripes had to be on display on the tie and it seeped to the other schools @bergkamp does this ring any bells?

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Singing hymns in primary school assembly.

Utterly pointless, but I would be a fool to deny that there wasn’t some absolute bangers amongst them. Regularly get them stuck in my head.

Autumn days when the grass is jewelled and the silk inside a chestnut shell

He’s got the whole world
In his PANTS


I was cold I was naked
Were you there were you there

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we all used to have to take off our shoes to go in the hall for assembly - piles and piles of shoes in the corridor outside the hall - this was to protect the slidey wooden floor, and TBH it was fun to slide on in your socks

But the teachers didn;t have to - and Miss Crowther ground massive dents into the floor playing the piano in her high heels

My school was minimum 4 stripes!

I wonder if this one-upmanship continued and Essex schools are now enforcing a minimum 8 stripes on a tie…


fuck is this nonsense

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Was six stripes at mine. Seemed ridiculous because it was stupidly long if you were short and if you were tall it was stupidly shirt. If they wanted to enforce tie length it should be based on where it goes to in relation to your waist or something.