If @thewarn had posted his iconic “Sticky Man: How The Year Works” thread on newDiS, we’d probably not have Winter I


The edit function is by far the worst thing about this site.

Takes away approx. 85% of my pun opportunities.


We’d not have had @balonz 's “send your regards to my mum” or whatever it was he said. Or that one where someone typed “th” and someone else typed “eoGB” … :wistful_emoji:


guys, can we all agree that balonz clearly did that on purpose?


Judge_B’s finest moment



…ree character post limit will stop that from ever happening again


used to love it when someone would post “I” or something, and then everyone would ^this it.

Overall, I do prefer the new boards though.


the beauty of the this was also that thises would draw your attention to the salient posts in a thread, you didn’t need to read all the guff


You can read a “thread summary” on NewDiS, which does a similar thing with most-liked posts.