Making a beat in my music studio


whats up guys. I got bored and decided to film myself making a trap beat. I’m a professional music producer and audio engineer. I filmed myself making a beat in small studio set-up in my apartment. All feedback is welcomed and encouraged! I hope this helps you guys, makes your day better, or just brings some sort of value to your life! <3

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thanks for making that beat for us all, it was very kind of you, we never even asked you to make a beat for us but you did anyway, thankyou x


Can’t really say I made this beat for you. I make music out of passion and my love for music. Whether or not you personally like what I do is up to you and doesn’t concern me. I make music, film myself doing it, then spread the love out into the universe. That’s my role. And P.S. I didn’t make the beat for “you” so DONT STEAL IT! haha

Have a wonderful day!


This will go well I predict.


What other planets have you spread your love to in the universe?


Can I also get a beat please?


Requisition me a beat!


ho is Lit AF ?


  • fuck
  • this

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hello. i would like one beat please.


You can get my new beat titled “3 Minutes of Silence”


Sure. I’ll send you a download link to my new beat entitled “Heavy breathing” in the key of F “u” Major.




Is this the queue for the beats? Can someone hold my place for me? If you get to the front before I’m back, I’d like a ‘fresh’ one please.





I don’t think it’s very good practice to be insulting potential fans


Hang on, aren’t you the bloke that posted that Wonderwall cover? I can’t find it anymore though (I thought it was on the sadly neglected Classifieds board).