Making a board/quiz game for my mates this Friday

Any ideas for rounds would be most welcome - My resources are anything that can be found in a standard office stationary cupboard and colour printers.
One of the rounds I was thinking of doing was a paper aeroplane competition, who can make one that flies furthest from his flat window (8th floor), there is no way one will cause an accident or spike someone in the eye right?

How many fingers can we fit in RonyD’s mouth?
Everyone takes it in turn to put a finger in your mouth. When it reaches the person who can’t fit their finger in your mouth, that person has to jump in the lake with their clothes on and do two lengths.

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Stapler Fights
Two staplers. Two fighters. One will survive. No contact allowed other than via the stapler. Winner is the first one to pierce the skin.


All good except for the lake part, nearest lake is about 4miles away so could make the game drag a bit

Permanent Marker Fun
Everyone gets a range of multi-coloured permanent markers and has to use them to draw on their faces in a creative manner. The tallest of the group then gets to judge everyone’s efforts and the winner gets a ring binder.

Other bodies of water?

you are right there is a river nearby ,I need to be more creative with my thinking

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International dick or ball

What would make it international?

Wear a cod piece with a map of the earth on it

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Staring Contest
I think we all know the rules to this, but I’ve started a reply format now and don’t want to ruin the pattern.

around the world, around the rudolph

Like pin the tail on the donkey but pinning rudolph onto a world map. Whoever gets closest to where you are wins, daft punk helmets are used as blindfolds


I like this one pinning things on a world map is always a gd test