Making a Murderer Season 2 / Recent Developments


His ex-wife wasnt in the series beyond a couple of mentions by other people. She and their kids from that marriage have disowned him completely.


remember coming to the conclusion at the end that he didn’t do the first one, did do the second one, and both the teenagers had helped dispose of the body.


Did internal affairs know that the cops were setting him up though?


Choose any statements you agree with

  • Avery most likely committed the murder
  • Someone else most likely committed the murder
  • Dassey most likely was an accessory
  • Manitowoc county cops likely planted evidence
  • Ken Kratz likely guilty of prosecutorial misconduct
  • Steven Avery should be granted a new trial

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is the first series actually worth watching then? I keep thinking I’ll watch it then immediately forgetting about it


I’m a big fan of it. It’s not without its problems but it was made by two NYU students who filmed for ten years out of their own pocket. They have incredible access and the story is so unbelievable to begin with that they dont really need to oversell anything.


the way it just unfolds over the first half was all… wah…? WAH…? WAAHHHH?


I can’t really remember being convinced he was innocent, more just astonished at how they managed to convict him and angry that they could get away with it.


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The dodgy brother with the porn on his computer plus the stepdad defo did it


Watched some of the second series and forgot how horribly done a lot of it is. A real shame because there’s obviously loads of incredibly shit behaviour by the police going on in this but it’s so slanted and sensationalist that it’s hard to know where the decent points are


He probably did it, the case should have been thrown out though.


Really really dislike how series two is effectively The Amazing Adventures of Kathleen Zellner.


That was what I took from the first series, haven’t watched the new episodes yet - might start tonight.