Making a playlist for a pub/restaurant help

Yo, have any of you ever made a playlist up for a pub or a restaurant and if so what were you charging for your trouble?!

Asking for a friend.

Charge would be beers. I love making playlists/forcing my music choices on people. I also love beers.


Used to do this for a living (seriously). Do they want it updated in the future?


Just sell them a Throbbing Gristle album


i dunno, i am genuinely asking for a friend. :slight_smile:
I know a couple of folk who do this in glasgow but can’t get a hold of them and my pal is meeting the restaurant folk in a couple of hours, he think they want a playlist that’ll last approx 3 to 4 hours but isn’t sure what to charge.

He incidentally has impeccable taste in music.

The rat on repeat forever


A lot of pubs just use Spotify for that sort of thing, just stick in the genre and let Spotify do the rest. Me, I DJ in pubs and bars so I have no idea, sorry.

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and then make the playlist.

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That won’t be long enough surely. The staff wont want to hear the same song at the same time every night. Unless its for some specific night?

I think they probably want him to make up a good few of these, see how they get on and maybe put together some more.

Always ever just used Spotify and picked playlists like “summer gold” or “90s bangers” or “easy Sunday” or whatever tbh. Cba with the hassle.

(Family owns hotel and a pub)

The glasgow hipsters wouldn’t stand for that… if they ever found out.

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Well assuming it will take a couple of hours or so to assemble and they enjoy doing it, I’d probably settle for a free feed with a couple of drinks for 2, for every one.

If they don’t enjoy it, I probably wouldn’t do it.

Edit @Lo-Pan

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£100-200 in Glasgow I imagine for one playlist. If they want like quarterly updates to it I’d bump it up to 400

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cheers prof

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Dream job

Srs? I could/would do this with relish!!

Imagine half the places would get back to you and say stuff like ‘Can you put some ed sheeran on the next one?’ though


Yeah - would be great. One of the part time lecturers at my college used to offer it as a service and I remember thinking “No way would people pay for that!”. Can’t for the life of me remember his name, but I remember spotting him in an article years after I graduated about people who curate music for businesses. Him and his partner had done a set of playlists for a clothes shop. No idea what he’d charge though.