Making a playlist for someone! HARD


I’m doing a playlist for pals stag do - its really hard! been going through their Spotify playlists and I’m all like - pfft that sounds rubbish -surely they don’t like that!!!



Made of stone
Solid as a rock


3 lions


The rat…


Macho man


Just on repeat really


But seriously, look at their playlist, make every third song something they know/love. With the rest branch out to something that’s similar


actually some good shouts in this, but it was more that its hard to make playlists for someone else, trying to put on songs you know they will like!


ive stolen their playlists - now am filtering through to get rid of anything sad / just wrong and then will go from there!


Just make a nice big pot of chilli, everything else is secondary.


When will it be listened to? Is it fit just sitting around chilling? Getting ready? Some beers? Etc.

Maybe try and split it depending on the mood? And always add some cheese to sing along to!


Just do a chilli based playlist, RHCP, TLC etc


its gone a bit britpop - not happy about that


Use about 15 songs from their playlists that are acceptable then use Spotify playlist recommendations


Don Aman by Slint


ive sort of done that but I think I’ve broken it :frowning:


Hit me with your rhythm stick


It’s Rainin’ Men.


iggy azalea & charli xcx, carley Rae jepson, Taylor swift


The Doobie Brothers - What a Fool Believes

Make that every third track.