Making DiS a safer space: next steps

Hi all and welcome to anyone visiting from the music boards.

Thanks for everyone’s honesty and support for each other over the last fortnight. It’s been an emotional, upsetting and stressful period for many of us and there’s been a lot of useful reflection.

There’s a strong consensus among those who’ve contributed that we can’t just say “we must do better” this time but instead we must be better.

I’m creating and pinning this thread to act as an index for any threads relating to this. Please feel free to start a thread if you think something is worth discussing and as a mod to link it here so anyone can get involved in helping us refine each others ideas.

We won’t solve all our problems and all ideas will probably have some downsides, but the goal is to try and make sure that each idea has the best chance possible of working as we trial or implement them.

General discussion thread

Writing a code of conduct /board rules

Reorganising the board categories for accessibility