Making plans... For Nigel!


The lads an absolute fucking whopper

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Well this thread started out weird and has got weirder. What’s next, finding out that he thinks Jonathan Wilkes travelled through time to assassinate Abraham Lincoln?

Why else would someone be mates with Jonathan Wilkes tbf :thinking:

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Absolute bawbag.

The best popstar this country has produced in 30 years


He was / is mad into ufos. Slippery slope I guess

I will have to start siding with Jimmy Page now I guess

Damned with faint praise.

Developing Strategies for Graham


Maybe another plane crash?

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helping Colin to formulate his OKRs

Ensuring That Brian Hits His KPIs

christ hrall

Hate how weirdo conspiracy theories/ X–files stuff has now been ruined by the right-wing associations. Wish it would just go back to daft stuff like crop circles and alien abductions

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Making a Gantt chart for Bret “The Hitman” Hart