Making stuff



Creative/crafts things you’re making.

I’ve been making this patchwork quilt. It’s done the traditional way- the hexagons are hand-sewn round paper templates, and then hand-sewn together to make the rosettes, and then joined up to make a quilt. All the fabrics are recycled- either old clothes/bedsheets or scraps of leftover fabric.

I’ve been stuck indoors with endless tonsilitis lately, so I’ve got a fair bit more made of this. I’ve been making it every now and then since Christmas. Only 400 or so hexagons for one double sized quilt.

That’s my mum’s cat providing some professional help.


currently not making anything as i have no skills, gonna take a clay sculpture class as soon as i can afford it though


Can’t do any crafts, don’t have the patience/hand-eye co-ordination. Cooking’s pretty much my only creative outlet tbh


I’m pretty into sewing at the moment! My latest project is altering this sailor dress I bought on ebay when I was like… 19. I’m now 31, it’s taken a while to get round to it!


would also like to be good at sewing and stuff but reckon there’s no chance, was awful at textiles at school


Probably a stupid question but do you then take the paper out?

It looks good, I might try it


I’m glad you asked that… wash it and it turns to mush so you can take it out…? Kindoff fold it out? I dunno…

Looks good though


Yeah you take it out right at the last minute- you leave it in until everything is sewn up, so the edges stay exact and meet up properly. It’s called English Paper Piecing, there are loads of tutorials and printable templates on the internet. (I learnt from my nan).


I am so talentless :disappointed_relieved:


You can just unfold them from the back- there’s a hole left for that.


What makes for a better career- being able to sew vs THE LAW


What is sewing if you don’t have the Pile and the Stash that you mean to get round to doing some time?


obviously sewing


Haha, very true! I should show you some of the fabrics I’ve been collecting! Well, there’s only a few that might be worth showing you…


those are all proper nice


Aw thank you! I really like the triangle one! I was thinking of making some cushion covers with it… but I want to make a top too.


For a couple of weeks earlier this year I had it in my head to start making bronze sculptures, but some cursory research made it seem like it might be difficult to reach the temperatures necessary to melt bronze in my flat…very disappointing


You might have to move to a foundry to make your dreams come true.


I like that boat one- what are you considering making from it?


One day!