Making stuff

Probably best to put it to one side then.

have done a similar thing with boxes and some art deco wrapping paper. yours look better. and i don’t think i could ever knit anything remotely that neat :thumbsup:

Yeah. Sorry if it sounds glib up there. Just really needed to distance myself from it. And then feel bad about being over pressurised by what’s essentially just paper and stuff. But there we are.

Well few people can pressure you like yourself.

really good way of adding art that you like to your house. resourceful. and crafty.
i just have 4x beyoncé album cover ones (obviously)

Really wish I could knit but my hands won’t do it. My mam taught me how to cross stitch when I was a kid, been thinking about that lately. Started working on a thing for an exhibition about dementia that my mate is putting on in Sheffield in December. It’s based on a drawing of a life model I did at uni, but with wool. I think it’ll be good.

That blanket’s dead good, I’ve got one that my gran made me. It’s such a lovely thing, being able to make stuff out of fabric. Someone I work with makes all her own clothes, she quite often gets men’s clothes from charity shops and then reshapes them and stuff to fit her. Really clever, I love how excited she gets when she’s found a new fabric to use

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not very good at this stuff, and way less impressive than most of you, but I was happy with this birthday card I made:

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I’ve got one that my nan made too, but I had it on the bed for 15 years and it’s basically disintegrating now, so I decided to make my own. I’ve unpicked some bits that are still intact to frame/put on cushions though.

Yeah reusing bits of the fabric is definitely a good idea if you can


Have you seen the electronic embroidery stuff you can get now? You use special thread instead of wire.

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Some of the fabrics I’m using in the new quilt are the same as the old one, I found them when I helped clear out her house.

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started slowly getting back into kindof art stuff like this - it’s supposed to go round on a loop really



They are very nice, where do find fabrics like this?

They definitely have the 60’s look about them. I really like the bottom two, good luck with the construction part!

Is the text on acetate on a separate layer, and the background spray painted?

Done on After Effects?

Next step add lights like @jazzballet

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pen and paper - illustrator - aftereffects - ableton for the sounds!

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Aftereffect’s lack of proper integration with Illustrator properly winds me up. You’re made by the same company for fuck’s sake!

Said I would make an animated music video for friends with lots of vector line drawing. Trying to motivate myself to storyboard it today, but I’ve still got slow tonsilitis brain.