Most of the stuff is more expensive than you can get it elsewhere!

Membership bollocks.

yeah when I worked in a restaurant we used to just shop in asdas for a bunch of things. try asdas

stick with index match normally

That’s Makro economics.



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Was at a cafe yesterday and saw into their stockroom briefly - pretty much everything was from Aldi :+1:

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When I went to Reading festival years ago I managed to borrow a Makro card and thought I’d be very clever loading up the car with cheap booze from there. I was 18, thought it would be dirt cheap. Thought I could sell them on for profit. Turns out I’d have been better off going to my local offy.

My Mum has a Makro card and we used to go a lot when I was a kid. I remember they used to sell massive strings of smoked garlic. Never seen it anywhere else and I’m not entirely sure who bought it.

Went a few years ago as part of a big Xmas shop. Had a really good selection of booze. Loads of weird gins and Japanese whisky.