Malcolm Gladwell

I can’t believe the latest episode of Revisionist History is a history of… Malcolm Gladwell. Amazingly, everyone thinks he’s a down to earth good guy!

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At this point I’m just enjoying the hate listening


I think I’m drawn here whenever you bring this up

I am compelled by forces beyond my understanding to agree with you that this indeed was such a shit episode

Makes me angry just thinking about it

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I think he brings some interesting ideas to the table. His tangents are bloody annoying, mind. Wouldn’t say I Loved his work but I reckon he’d be someone interesting to talk to.

Oh shit, not got there yet.

Listening to his one about the Tokyo bombings was a bit confusing for me because when I run (the time I listen to podcasts) I put on a 30ish mins one like RH then I cue up the latest Hardcore History which was Supernova in the East III.

The Hardcore History ones are like 4 hours long… Anyway the point is that I swapped from 1945 back to 1942 in the same theatre.

This is so true, particularly since he turned up in Epstein’s Black book. It feels like I’m studying him to see where his weird left-but-not-really ideas will take us.

I’m sort of interested in his other podcasts (ie Pushkin ones by other people) except I assume they are just as bad.

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Cautionary Tales is Pushkin and is excellent. By Tim Hartford who always seems a really nice bloke.

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Hoo boy, just listened. Two things stand out:

First, this is based on his assertion that he never remembers people or facts from his own past! He has to interview all his former employees to find out how he hired them and pretty much anything about their time together. Ho ho ho, what a thing!

Sooo… Timing is deeply convenient though isn’t it, @anon18868718?

“I’m in Epstein’s black book? Are you sure? casual laugh I don’t remember that, I don’t really remember any details if my past. Have you guys not heard my ‘Hamlet Was Wrong’ podcast episode?”

Second thing is him doing a whole “I’m a hiring nihilist! No rules about how to hire anyone matter, it’s all rubbish! Just pick and see,” right before his personal Zip Recruiter endorsement ad. :grinning:


Still think the rock / country episode was some kind of really elaborate psy ops


He pushed out a Christmas bonus episode on Revisionist History that has forced me reluctantly to unsub from the show. It can be good but it seems the entire episode was him getting friends to dramatise a rejected pilot for a TV show he wrote 6 years ago. Absolutely too much.

Was the pilot about the difference between country and rock and roll

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If it had been I might have stuck around for the lols. Unfortunately it sounded like just another TV show type stuff.

Never really got that 10000 hours stuff

Like if I’m counting the amount of hours I spend doing something, then I’m always going to be shit at it

A sitcom about the foibles of a centrist entitlef Malcolm Gladwell in the Middle

Right I’m going to bed I have work tomorrow


I liked it when I heard it. I actually used it for a lyric I seem to recall, although at the time I didn’t really know anything about who’d come up with it. But I didn’t read a big deep thing about it, just a sort of quick overview, which for someone like me, who doesn’t excel at anything, it’s comforting to think it’s because I just haven’t spent enough time doing a thing to have racked up the big hours.

I dunno about counting the hours though. I thought it was more that if someone is really into something they will spend all their time doing it and thus it will naturally become something they excel at. Like how Hendrix supposedly just had a guitar round his neck all the time while lounging at home. Going for shit? shred some guitar while you pinch one off, etc. Hard not to imagine that will make you a lot better at guitar than me just picking it up every now and again.