Male Frequency


I have no idea what to do with this thread. Suggestions welcome.


85 to 180 Hz


Some shitbird showed up in my Twitter feed this morning having a go at a diversity and inclusivity network for my profession because a women-only event is coming up. He gave it the full "OH right, no men allowed, but what if I ran a MEN ONLY event and held it in a pub for MEN to discuss MEN’S ISSUES, what about that eh?.

The reply was “yes that’s fine”.




Sure, let’s use this thread to mock MRA types.

I like this site:


bank: statement once a month
misc flyers: several a week
something you want to read: twice a year


Same one for at least the last 8 months. Farts are AWFUL.


I used to work with an MRA type. He actually drafted his own Wikipedia entry :smiley: but it’s never been allowed to be published. Sample here


Would a Citizen Smith style sitcom about a deluded MRA be really funny, or really depressing?


I’m not sure, but this guy was perfect sitcom material.