Male skincare

Men of DiS, please talk to me about your skincare routine.

All I’ve ever done is rinse my face with water in the morning. I’ve been very fortunate to have really clear skin all my life, but this winter I’ve noticed it’s been a lot drier and has felt a little uncomfortable. Think it’s time to get in the moisturiser game but have no idea where to start. Don’t find stuff like this helpful as it’s clearly just designed to get you to spend more cash.

What do you do, if at all? Does it work for you?

  • Nothing at all
  • Bit of moisturiser
  • Multiple products

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A bit of SPF moisturiser and a face scrub which I probs only use once every two or three weeks really.

Never washed my face with anything except warm water under the shower, not even soap. Had about three spots in my life and my diet’s 99% pure shite. Bit weird really.


Started using moisturiser again recently after noticing my skin getting really dry. Pretty weird how they have different moisturisers and stuff “for men” eh

i can’t grow a beard because it makes my skin really dry and i end up with this really painful red crusty skin all around my mouth and nose. i keep clean shaven and well moisturised. quick tip: basically any moisturiser is fine as long as it’s unscented, scented moisturiser has too many irritants in it to be a viable option.

worried about what i’ll do if i go bald and can’t grow a beard to compensate.

It’d be time to get into hats in a big way I’m afraid. That or go for the nuclear option and a get a Mike Tyson-esque facial tattoo.


Pretty much this. Do get the odd white head, especially after being rough on a weekend and staying in without showering. Skin is quite blotchy though.

Face actually felt drier when I moisturused for a bit.

had really bad spots until i turned 17, and then they all vanished almost overnight.

Blessed with soft, blemishless skin despite using nothing but basic soap and shower gels.
Definitely think it’s a case of diminishing returns though and unless you have a skin condition using too much unnecessary products probably opens up people to having more spots and stuff.


One thing to demonstrate the complete pointlessness of the “for men” thing: for years and years I used the same L’Oréal shampoo and then they stopped doing it, when I was trying to find a replacement I saw one that was a similar type but said “for men” on it, I compared it to my last bottle of the old women’s one and it had the same ingredients list, looked and smelled the same. It was the exact same shampoo. There’s not really a difference between men’s/women’s skin or hair, is there? Products marketed at different genders probably have no real differences other than packaging and scent (with certain fragrances being flogged as more feminine or masculine).

FWIW, washing your face with just hot water always seems to give the best results, unscented moisturiser if really needed (aveeno stuff is dece, but pricey).


Use a balm thing after my very occasional shaves and that’s the sum of it.

never used anything but soap and water and been fine BUT I’m out somewhere really dry at the moment and it’s absolutely destroying me. having to moisturise my whole body like some kind of greasy dolphin.

using that norwegian neutrogena stuff. no idea if it’s better or worse than anything else.

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Khiels(sp?) Facial fuel. Das it.

Greasy dolphin made me lol.

When I went to Florida as a teenager my skin went insaaaaaane with the humidity. There’s all these pictures of me looking miserable with mad blotchy skin with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck at breakfast. Uugghhhh.

I use a nice Nivea aftershave that I’ve been using since I was a teenager. It’s lightly scented and it moisturises too. If I had worse skin I’d take more care of it but I’ve gotten lucky.

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I used to use the Norwegian stuff but found it too greasy.

Currently use the Bulldog sensitive one and it is good.

use an expensive(ish) face wash, a moisturiser and exfoliate every few days. i’d ignore the “for men” bollocks, just get a facewash that works for you.

now i’m no doctor, but i think diet, nutrition and general health have a far bigger impact on your skin than anything you put on it.


I have very dry, very sensitive skin which starts to look like the surface of the moon if I don’t moisturise fairly often. I use Dermol because I was prescribed it a while back and it does the job (it’s also available over the counter at most pharmacies).

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Can I also add that all this washing your face in hot water with or without soap can be very bad for your skin since it flushes out essential protective oils, vital to preventing dryness and flaking. A gentle scrub with a soft flannel and pat drying, coupled with a suitable shaving foam and quality razor will help maintain soft and healthy skin.

Good god, I would think indie pretty boys would know about a healthy moisturising regimen.

Diet is also paramount, plenty of fruit and veg will always go a long way.