Malik B of The Roots has died


Fucking hell


Gutted. Already said a few words from the hip hop thread, where there’s been some discussion/tributes. Gonna be spinning those first four albums and Game Theory on repeat tomorrow. 47 fucking hell. RIP. :frowning:


47 ffs. Here I Come was my introduction to The Roots, what a shame.

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Love the tracks with a couple of verses from both him and Black Thought, going back and forth. They had great chemistry.


‘Do You Want More?’ was the first album of theirs I got into. It’s so good. Really sad to hear the news. RIP.

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RIP to a legendary mc


My favourite Roots song

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Do You Want More? → Illadelph Halflife → Things Fall Apart is such a great run of records, with each release getting stronger. Would maybe make them tighter --best part of 4 hours to get through the three of them – but so much brilliant material.


I’ve gone through all these this afternoon as well, I’ve always tended to go to Things Fall Apart and then that Phrenology - Game Theory - Rising Down run but fuck me those early records are so good eh. Organix seems to have disappeared from Spotify though which is a pain.

Properly sad though this, that Take It Personal episode for Black Thought had a fairly long interview in the middle which touched on some of the Malik B relationship. He speaks so highly of him as an MC, really sad loss.


Things Fall Apart is a fantastic record.

Amongst the very best albums of the nineties.


An all-timer. I love it so much.

Very sad. Didn’t love the first two records, but they really cracked it on Illadelph Halflife. I think it was the What They Do video that got me interested as it got played on The Box quite a lot.

Wasn’t ever a mega fan, so it’s only now that I’m reading up on Malik B and some of the issues he had and his reasons for leaving. Also - only just remembered that they lived in London for a while!