Guys, what’s good in Malta?




Valetta’s supposed to be nice. Otherwise it’s just tourists and endless plots of dirt separated by dry stone walls. The only grass on the entire island is at the golf club.


Gozo is worth a day trip


You can reach pretty much any other point of the island within a day with a €20 weekly bus pass.

It has some of the oldest free standing buildings in the world and the blue lagoon/Comino is beautiful.

I went in October though, could be awful in high season.




I’m a quarter Maltese but I’ve not been there for 30 years, so I can’t really help.

Have a good time though, if you go.


thanks, I’m going next month for 4 days and don’t really have plans


The spaghetti with rabbit sauce is nice.


I’m told that Valletta is still interesting.

I think rampant tourism and club culture has ruined the island somewhat but I’m sure there is still nice bits.