Maltesers (poll)


Please be honest and don’t look this up:

I believe that the inside of a Malteser is:

  • Some kind of biscuit
  • Honeycomb like in a Crunchie bar
  • Something else

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I should say this topic has DIVIDED my office, and if I wrote Buzzfeed posts I reckon I’d be looking at viral smash.


honeycomb (like in a crunchie bar) is a kind of biscuit




No it isn’t.

But I will accept that malt honeycomb is not the same as honeycomb toffee which is in a Crunchie.


also they’re round and crunchies are rectanguloids




You’re rectanguloid.


were white chocolate maltesers black on the inside?

if not they should have been


malteser chunky: malteser the size of a tennis ball. i’d eat it.


you can have that for free, mars


You don’t even know what it is!


oh so you don’t eat anything you couldn’t name 100% of the ingredients?

what’s inside a milky way? who knows? clouds or something. still gonna eat it.


Ever do that thing where you lie down, put a malteser on your lips and then blow so it hovers in the air for a bit? It’s fun.


That’s a fair point.


i do this but with my bum


You put your bum on your lips and then blow so it hovers in the air for a bit?




bored and i’ve got no malteasers wtf


It’s fun because it’s physics!