Man gives girlfriend a necklace, 2 years later she screams..

Did anyone click through on this? I am curious but I know it will be massively disappointing.

In exchange, I can tell you that Michelle Ryan (of Eastenders) looks perfectly ok now.

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Man gives girlfriend a necklace, 2 years later man door hand hook car door.



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The answer is pure emotional intelligence


forward this to 10 people and your crush will talk to you!!

Saved you a click onto the article and then reading 40+ pages:

…the ring was coming from INSIDE the necklace!


Is that it??

I thought the weird bone thing was going to be … well something a bit murder-y?

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Borderline trypophobia.


So Internal affairs knew they were going to propose all along?

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Dropkick Murphys music starts to play

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Seems like a lot of effort for a pretty crap stunt.

Same, every time I see this pic it makes me shudder.


“Before we actually went down to the cave, I asked if I could have the necklace to take some photos of it among the rocks, which gave me a quick chance to break the seal with a knife,” he detailed.

And when Terry went to return the necklace to Anna [sic], he opened it to reveal the engagement ring inside.

His now-fiancée replied, “Wait … it’s been in there the entire time?” And of course, later she said yes to Terry’s marriage proposal.

Ring wasn’t in it.

Yeah I thought the pic looked like a razor or something. I am so confused

If you like it then you shoulda…
Put the ring inside a big wooden teardrop style necklace,
Not mention it for 2 years
Go to some caves or something?
Dunno, not reading it obvs


A little bit embarrassed to admit i’m still not really quite sure what is going on here…


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Basically he rigged her necklace to explode a la ‘Battle Royale’ if she tried to escape.


The two times I took my wife’s engagement ring outside the house, bringing it home from the jewellers and when we were heading to where I proposed, I could hardly stop clinging on to it in my pocket the whole time. The idea of leaving it hanging round her oblivious neck for a year, with the lurking possibility that she might lose it, or even give it to a charity shop in a strop after a row, doesn’t compute at all for me.