Man marries whole live dover sole

Did they save his sole?

wow they played they way too fast, really fucked it up

I got sole but i’m not a Dover

yeah no-one seems to give a shit if the fish lived or not. If not let’s hope the fella wasn’t on a catch and release license…

remember this film!


That’s horrific and I hate you for drawing my attention to it



I do not.

I do. I imagine that a re-watch would reveal that it’s incredibly problematic…


hahaha check out this amazing quote (Chong is one of the actors):

Is this a bit like when we don’t care if the bull kills the bull fighter?

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This has been the talk of Bournemouth, I can tell you!!11

He swallowed the sole to catch the plaice
That wriggled and jiggled inside of his face
He swallowed the plaice to catch the eel
I don’t why he swallowed the eel
Perhaps he’ll keel (over)


alright, Bob Dylan

Didn’t realise he wrote “there was an old lady who swallowed a fly”

yeah when he was short of cash in the early days

I got sole - and I’m super bad (at breathing)


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