Manchester Arena explosion

This sounds awful

Doesn’t confirm an explosion. Could it be trampling?

i was thinking it could have been a stampede due to panic.

From what I can gather there seems definitely to have been an explosion, but it was pretty likely an electrical fault. Whether that itself has caused causalities or trampling I can’t see yet. Two people I know who were there really seemed to think it was a minor thing with some equipment blowing out loudly, then a bit of a panicky evacuation with maybe a couple of sprained ankles. This is fucking shit news.

the police don’t seem to be playing down the explosion aspect of it so it’s possible this is something more sinister…either way it’s awful.

I’m going to assume it’s a technical fault unless anything gets confirmed otherwise. I can’t say the same for my facebook feed tho, some pretty horrible types have come out of the woodwork.

Police confirming fatalities. F’in hell.

oh fuck :frowning:

there’s a vague video on bbc:

I was thinking about maybe it was people getting trampled on as well :frowning:

hope this turns out to be as less terrible as could possibly be, whatever that may be.

also fuck twitter and people posting fucking shit. and fuck myself for reading it.

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I’m afraid it’s not looking good so far

depressing isn’t it, no matter the cause or the full story it’s definitely horrible

all the best to anyone in/from/connected to Manchester

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At least 20 dead apparently (from NBC news so not sure how accurate)

Fuck man, pure grim :frowning:

There’s a video where you can see and here the explosion from quite a distance. Hope the report from NBC isn’t correct

Tim Farron’s statement seems somewhat odd with the high level of uncertainty still surrounding what has happened

Sun journalist tweeting ‘NHS sources’ that it was a nail bomb

Explosion reportedly happened in the concourse. There’s a public FB post from an eyewitness being shared a lot on my timeline atm. I’d feel ghoulish posting it here because it’s very graphic and I wish I hadn’t read/seen, but suffice to say the whole scene there looks extremely unpleasant for those involved. I feel fucking awful for the people caught up in it, and I’m quite selfishly hoping atm that nobody I know or friends or relatives of people I know got caught up in it. And I don’t want to sound insensitive or downplay something that’s obviously horrible, but I really fucking hope this wasn’t intentional.

Dreadful news. I’m in America at the moment and turned my phone on to get a ton of messages arrive. One of my best friends was there and missus was freaking out. Fortunately my friend is safe but said it was a really frightening situation. Much love to my adopted city