Manchester dissers

Can anyone recommend a car garage they use in the Withington vicinity? I’ll be there this afternoon and my car is making very troubling noises :slightly_frowning_face:

describe the sounds?

Not sure about withington but can recommend a central one…

Grinding noises when I brake. May have hit a speed bump a little too fast. (Road had just been resurfaced and there were no markings, couldn’t see it)

Mid period Autechre


Is this the name of a soccer team?

Would like to avoid the hassle of going into the centre if poss but thanks :+1:

throw it in the canal and get a new one

Sage advice, thank you

What make is your car?


Could just be worn down/off kilter brake pads. Should be pretty easy and cheap to fix, finger’s crossed :slightly_smiling_face:

Had my car MOTd about a month ago so I’d be surprised. Noises started straight after hitting the bump so :grimacing:

Ooft :grimacing: Hope it’s nothing too serious chief.

balonz is MISTER Car - just tell him.

They call me Jeremy Carson

Ah he pm’d, can’t help unfortunately

Most of his fixes are ‘put a beaded seat cover over it’ alas.


about a mile or so from witho, this is where we take our car. A+, GBoLs


Ta will give them a call and see if I can drop by