Manchester dissers


@svenrokk what’s that place you go to?



Brakes work fine thankfully :grinning: but the noise they’re making sounds like the entire suspension might drop out of the car :open_mouth:


turn your stereo up


try reversing over a speed bump really quickly

should sort it



That’s what I’m doing :grimacing:


This couldn’t possibly fail - thanks japes!


no she needs to go over a pothole at speed


Was going to suggest these too. Mrs Z has used them before on the recommendation of her friend and all was good :+1:

Actually, as I recall I went to pick her up from there when she dropped her car off, we then got in my car which then promptly broke down too. They brought the diagnostics tool thing out, realised it was an electrical problem and said “you’re in luck, the auto electrician’s in the garage at the moment.” He came out, worked on it for ages, sorted out the problem and none of them would take a penny for it. GBoLs indeed.


Top stuff, fair play. Hope you got sorted @laelfy?


Said they couldn’t fit me in for a week so I did a bit of sweet talking and I’m dropping the car off at 9am tomorrow. Fingers crossed its nothing major.


Chorlton cars but I’m not sure I’d recommend them for anything quick.


good stuff. how long are you here for?


Just till 5pm, thankfully car is going to be fixed by then!


fingers crossed


Can recommend the Tea Hive in Chorlton if you’ find yourself at a loose end for lunch or a brew during the day!


Thanks but sadly it’s hospital canteen food for me!


im in manchester for a couple of days, whats good to do that isnt too expensive? any good museums/galleries etc? would be nice to not just do our normal thing of being in a pub the whole time.


Science museum is pretty cool in castlefield. Umm, there’s one with dinosaur stuff too on a road i’d walk down all the time but forget the name of. Oxford road? Go to the northern quarter too if you want some good pubs and record shops.