Manchester Gigs (November)


Hoping to get to a few more gigs this month. Looks to be quite a bit on, but not sure yet. Frightened Rabbit and Julia Holter probables.

  • Where are you going?
  • What would you recommend?

Pretty extensive list here…!/gigs


I was in the Victoria warehouse on sat night, first time I had been, really liked it


Muncie Girls on the 29th at Sound Control


The Vacant Lots at Fallow Cafe.


Happy Meals are also playing next week at Aatma.


Gogo penguin
Joan as policewoman
Electric six


Earth are also playing


Going okkervil river on the 12th and chance the rapper on the 19th. Girl band in early December too


Im going to see glenn tilbrook in salford if you wanna come


Preoccupations for me, Clive


anyone been to that victoria warehouse for a gig yet? was looking at peej but i don’t want to spend that money if it’s a shit venue.


It’s a shit venue




I’ve not been, but it’s a vacuous warehouse miles from the city centre that also doubles as a corporate events space - how good can it possibly be as a music venue?


So we’re agreed I should go then?


Aw man did not know Okkervil River were playing on the 12th. I’m in Utrecht for Le Guess Who that weekend.


Margaret Glaspy at Night and Day tomorrow and then maybe worriedaboutsatan at the Caste on the 28th if I can get the time off work.


Y’all should (please!) come see my band at Trof Cafe on Friday supporting Papier Tigre!



The Cure / The Twilight Sad (29th)


Been on a tight af budget for the past few months so not a lot for me in Nov. Went in on Twilight Sad + Cure, pretty happy those came out last year because if they’d come out recently I’d 100% have to buy them and have a bit of a lean xmas. Really excited for that, more excited to see The Twilight Sad than The Cure maybe, even though I’ve seen them loads. My dad got us tickets to see Paul Simon on Thursday, also well looking forward to that because he’s been one of my favourites since I was like 4, he was one of the few musicians both my parents liked so listened to him loads growing up, never seen him before. Going Dinosaur Jr next week as well, always a good do with them.

Had to sell my tickets for the Goat + Hookworms etc extravaganza the other week, which was heartbreaking. Also really wanted to see Warpaint, Nao, Christine and the Queens and Preoccupations recently, but had to miss them.