Manchester Orchestra

They were on Comedy Bang Bang this week and seem like great eggs tbf. Even got in on the musical improv at the end.

His vox do veer into Band of Horses territory quit a bit on here, not sure that’s a horrible thing. I can deal.

I listened to their last album (Cope) yesterday and it was doing a lot more for me. so much heavier, so much more guitar. Not sure how I missed that album at the time. My favorite version of this band is when they get heavy and that whole album is them doing that.

This one is really nice and the heavy parts are few, makes them feel a little more earned. Think this one will take some time to really get into.

Lead, SD is def my favorite song on here. The Maze is right behind.

Sounds a bit like an indie Mumford and Sons to me. Ahm oot.

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Still very, very into this album.

Anyone going to the Shepherds Bush Empire show in a couple of weeks?

It really is a lovely album. We’ll be going. Really looking forward to it. I’ve only seen them a couple of times and last time, at Reading 2015, we had to leave early to see Kendrick.

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I’ve got a ticket but without really being that into their other stuff I’m really hoping it turns out to be a new-album-in-its-entirety-set

I doubt you’ll get that lucky, as they seem to have been playing a pretty set in stone setlist in their recent US tour, but it has been the most featured album, followed by Everything To Nothing.

I’ll go back to some of their older stuff to see if it clicks now innit

I can’t help but compare it to Brand New for some reason and I prefer this

There’s good reason to compare tbf, they’ve supported them loads of times in the past, pretty sure they’ve performed with each other in terms of providing vocals etc as well.

Brand New are vastly vastly superior obviously and Science Fiction is a better album but you know.

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Strong contender for AOTY from me. Can’t wait for the SBE show - the acoustic-only one at The Lexington was wonderful, but I can’t wait to hear the new songs with a full band

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Not sure how they’re going to pull some of it off tbh, will be disappointed when there’s no choir on The Maze…

There will a choir, though: a 2,000-strong pissed-up and out-of-tune one, but a choir nonetheless.

In terms of other stuff, maybe start with Hope as the production techniques they used on that (acapella, ambient etc) heavily influenced the new album.

They are a strange band, though. A fragile indie-rock band with a major hard-on for big, radio rock guitars…


If anyone sees stage times for Shepherds Bush tonight can y’all post them here plz? Thx x

I made an ask to the band.

Ditto that


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well, that was a bit bloody good wasn’t it? Shame it had to be at one of the worst venues in London (for standing, anyway) but there ya go. Hoping to catch them again in Amsterdam this week!

Couldn’t make it in the end :disappointed:

New single, album out April. Really like this