Manchester Orchestra

Absolutely adored the last album, pumped for a new one.

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Probably posted elsewhere on the forum, but this is an absolute delight


I always found this a bit much as an album. Could never quite place it, but i never felt comfortable with it. It really is uite the spectacle live in this setting though.

@Owensmaterob loves it when people call them “Manny Orch”.


I will enjoy to watch this, thanks

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You certainly will.

I initially didn’t like it. It has grown on me a lot though. The opening run of tracks is fantastic

I had the privilege of interviewing Andy and Rob on thar cycle and it cemented my opinion that it’s their best written, recorded, most cohesive, and fully realised album.

I do love that they’re one of those rare bands like Thrice where very few fans have the same favourite album, though

edit: had forgotten that Andy hull compares the band to Kanye West in that interview. Excellent.


Great little interview that. Can’t believe I missed them playing the Lexington. Gutted.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Just the two of them acoustically, it was pure magic. And horrendously warm