Manchester Orchestra

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Atlanta!!! :exploding_head:


I just got into the band at the end of 2020. I was aware of their existence but genuinely thought that they were an orchestra based in Manchester. Doh!

I read something about Black Mile to the Surface and gave it a listen. Was completely blown away. As is my habit, I went a bit mad on the back catalogue. Loved Hope but not Cope! Lots of rough gems scattered.

So MMOG is the first album I have heard by them as it is released. I like it a lot on the first few listens but know that the band’s work tends to reveal itself over a long period, so am looking forward to a close relationship with this album through the Summer.

As part of my voyage of Manchester Orchestra discovery, I also found Foxing. I would highly recommend their second album Dealer to MO fans, if you haven’t heard it.

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I read in the NME that this album feels as much like a ‘best of’ as it does a new album and I can see that perspective. Continue the incredible evolution from A Black Mile while including some of those upbeat and some of the (for want of a better word) groove from their previous records.

Was fully expecting this to be a much heavier album based on the conversation I had with Andy and Robert around the time of Black Mile’s release but it’s very much a continuation of that vibe, with some of the more guitar-led elements reintroduced. Bed Head is an all-timer of course but this feels, like Black mile, very much like one of those albums that needs to be consumed as a whole. Gutted I missed out on the vinyl pre-order and will absolutely be paying through the nose for a copy.

Hadn’t really listened to these before but listened to the new album the other day and loved it. Been through the back catalogue since, pretty special band aren’t they?


Does anyone ever get the sense that their albums are a little too immaculately arranged and produced? I do appreciate them, but sometimes feel like they remake and perfect the same album over and over again. I’m certain this one will unlock with repeated listens, but my sense is that it’s unlocking something quite similar to Black Mile, which unlocked something quite similar to their previous work (although was admittedly a much more precise vision of it).

Yes, I definitely had that with ABMTTS.i wouldn’t say it about their previous ones, but that one does feel too good in that way.

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I do really like their sound, but maybe my idea of rock music needs some more jeopardy and an in-the-moment feeling - at least a little bit.

Even Ok Computer for example is careful to leave some fuzz and shred in there amongst the gleaming perfection. Anyway - it’s not exactly a criticism, more a thing I’ve noticed and now can’t stop focussing on.

I’ve had this on for most of the last week. I think originally I was disappointed as I really wanted ABMTTS part 2, as I love that album dearly.

Have got really into this one now, just needed a dose of time and patience. Went and bought it on vinyl today after my 1st jab, still a bit of a headscratcher why it was so expensive!

Finally managed to listen to the new album. Sounds great, although as others have said think it’ll take a few listens to open up. Looking forward to that.

I found a pink and white one in the racks of a record store the other day, so there are still some available in the wild if people are looking.