Manchester pubs/clubs


Going to the Goat/Hookworms thing at the Albert Hall next weekend. Looking for decent places to go afterwards, late licence, decent music, that part of town. Staying two nights so Sunday night recommendations for other parts of the city welcome too. Thanks DiS!


Best pubs round that part of town are
The Knott
Britain’s protection
Peveril of the peak
Town hall tavern
No1 Watson street

Failing that go to the northern quarter


hacienda. mad4it.


The two best areas for pub and bar crawls are Ancoats (beind the Northern Quarter) and Chorlton (about £8 in a taxi).


As for clubs… What’s ‘decent’ music to you? Techno?


Ahh the glorious days of Satans Hollow, £10 in, and all you can drink.


Be happier with breaks or an eclectic mix. Like that Caribou longest mix tape but in real life. :thinking:


Any of these open until 3am or so?


Mojo is open whilst 4 (why I put it there tbf) the rest are pubs, which on a weekend will open till between 12 and 2 (gaslamp)


Fifth Ave


Might be worth the walk to soup kitchen or aatma if either of those take your fancy, open whilst 4ish.


Or tiger lounge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


'Spoons. Go meet kik!


The city centre’s not very big, for late night stuff you’re better going towards northern quarter


*park bench


There are only 2 good clubs in Manchester

City & their reserves!


Even though I’m now in the sombre territory of my mid-twenties, every few months I still like to have a night on the alcopops, culminating in Satan’s Hollow, to keep my hand in.


Just come back form Manchester, was on a stag do. Its amazing, like London but no pretentious I wish had been out there properly before. Though we didn’t go to as many of the cool places as I wold have liked, its difficult when your in a big group of guys.


Swing Ting at Soup Kitchen is a good night.
Got a Jamaican crew over next saturday so should be a busy lively one.


I have absolutely no idea if it’s still going but there was a monthly breaks/electro/hip hop night called Electric Chair not far from there when I lived in Manchester a million years ago. It was the best night in town.