Manic Street Preachers - 'Lifeblood'

I was just looking at Wikipedia and, despite ‘Lifeblood’ only getting to No.13 in the UK Album Charts (a relative flop), it has two No.2 UK Singles hits on it (‘The Love of Richard Nixon’ & ‘Empty Souls’)…what the hell was going on there?!

They didnt sell enough to get to number 1


I’ll take your word for it but I don’t remember Empty Souls getting any love at all.

Those singles were fucking huge - I bought one of them at least.

I agree with you, I couldn’t sing a rendition of ‘Empty Souls’ if you put a gun to my head. Two big hits though on a poor-selling album though…weird!

quite like the love of richard nixon, if they’d only got rid of that terrible synth lead

Weird two #2 singles and then don’t bother releasing a third, very odd as around that time bands would release 4 or 5 singles from an album. I remember Nixon doing pretty well , had no idea Empty Souls was a hit.

Hardcore fans buying both CD versions of the single, counted as one in the charts, then sales collapse in week 2.

Lifeblood only got to number 13 because when it came out in November 2004 it was up against all of the Christmas best of cash in albums, look.

Whereas Empty Souls came out early January, when all kinds of weird things happen in the singles charts because no one is buying anything, so got to number 2


Good Point. ‘Lifeblood’ went down to number 52 the next week…ouch!

Pretty sure Love of Richard Nixon had three CD singles!

There was also that thing where (apparently) if you bought different formats at the same time they counted as one sale, but if sold individually it counted as multiple.

Manics fans were (are?) obsessive enough to do all these things.

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I really like Lifeblood. Loved all the sleeve designs in that era too.
Seems all three of them hate it, so little chance of hearing much from it on the new tour.

Love of Richard Nixon is their best song

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Remember it from Jools Holland but don’t remember hearing it anywhere else

2 CD versions and a DVD for each of them. Someone gave me a cover for one of the Empty Souls CDs at their NEC gig on the Lifeblood tour, never had a CD to put to it though.

Great album, really overlooked. Doesn’t sound like anything else they did. Sounds like them doing a Coldplay/Keane but with synths.

Would also recommend the There by the Grace of God CD single (which is basically an EP), Door to the River (released on the Forever Delayed compilation, not available anywhere else irritatingly) and some previously unreleased stuff on Lipstick Traces. All those tracks offer an interesting glimpse into a kind of ‘hidden era’ of their career in the early 2000s.

The new album is really good too btw.

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Come on now

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Which is it??

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I’d have to go with ol’ Keeny Weeny as it sounds a bit like Hopes & Fears

That or Kevin Carter