Manic Street Preachers - 'Lifeblood'

realise this is probably trolling but tempted to agree, the singing is pretty restrained and it’s usually JDB’s over the top vocals that put me off manic tracks

Empty Souls was also contender to be the 1000th UK Number One single… but Elvis Presley saw to that.

have you forgotten this classic already?


Can’t work out if you’re just brutally dead-panning Icco Smicco here or you genuinely don’t realise that a Coldplay/Keane combination sounds like the first sign of the Apocalypse. :smiley:


I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of songs from it get an airing on this tour. Pretty sure one of them mentioned a while back that they were rehearsing some of it.

They didn’t last night in Newcastle. There were some unusual choices though!

Remember a lot of people thinking it was boring AF at the time but I always liked ‘Lifeblood’. Had a kinda Pet Shop Boys thing going on, which wouldn’t be my chosen direction for them but the songwriting was pretty good. They played ‘a song for a departure’ at the Q Awards last October, which sounded big and anthemic

I live to fall asleep is the last truly great song they wrote that i listened to

Yeah, that’s a marvellous song

I had tickets for this but I had a really draining day at work and the start time was really late and I figured they would play “The Hits” due to it being a post-award show but they pulled out a few curveballs. Gutted as I would have loved any Lifeblood songs… I’ve never bailed on a gig before and this has taught me a lesson.

Lifeblood has some huge fans that exist on the Manics unofficial forum (Forever Delayed).

I love Empty Souls but dislike TLORN, which is truly awful.


I think ‘1985’ and ‘Glasnost’ are two of their very best overall, not only on ‘Lifeblood’.


‘Cardiff Afterlife’ is brilliant too.


Hoooooly shit that site/forum is still going? I used to post on there, lord, fifteen years ago maybe? That’s nice.


About eight years ago I was in the Halifax branch of short-lived pub chain Goose and the song U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer came on in the background.

I said, “oh ffs I can’t believe they’re playing MC Hammer” and the person I was with said “this isn’t MC Hammer, it’s The Love of Richard Nixon by the Manic Street Preachers”.

And it was. I was convinced it was U Can’t Touch This, though. Has anyone else ever made this error, or is it just me. (I’ve never heard Lifeblood, assume it’s all just MC Hammer rip offs)

Lifeblood is underrated. At least half of its songs are very good and the rest are at least decent.