Manic Street Preachers - New Album



New Album - Resistance is Futile - 6th April

April/May Arena Tour Details too

Terrible things people post on social media


Oh god not another one.


Came to make this same post, word for word!


I love the Manic Street Preachers, but I have every expectation that this is going to be quite poor :frowning:


Excellent. Have no idea why people think it will be poor considering Futureology was probably their 3rd best album ever.


I liked the instrumentals on Futurology. If it’s an album of instrumentals consider me excited.

Nicky Wire’s lyrics have been shoddy for a good while now, only hope is that the current political climate will have rattled his cage


I hope they just list footballers names again


Or banks.


Surely arenas at this stage in their career is optimistic?


No, they pretty much always play arenas.


They bought a farmhouse in the lanes just up from my house to turn into a recording studio. I haven’t heard anything so it’s either been properly sound proofed or it’ll be an album of field recordings.


Lucky you!


fuck all (most) of you. always got time for a new manics record


Remember seeing them at the Cam Cornex on the 10th Anniversary of Holy Bible. Fucking loved it. Would rather drink piss than go to one of these arena shows though.


I loved Rewind the Film and Futurology, so fuck all of you who think this might be shit, even though there’s always a chance it might be. Let’s be optimistic!


I love the popular iconoclastic rock band Manic Street Preachers - and I look forward to a new album in 2018.


I don’t think they’ve made a single bad album.

Some are a lot better than others, but even their worst albums are pretty good.


Their last 2 albums have been good. Bring it on


Some of the film score to The Chamber still has James in Futureology mode - this being the highlight