Manic Street Preachers - New Album

was googling something related to the Manics the other day and ended up finding this amazing thread on their forum, entitled ‘Do You Think The Band Know About The Illuminati?’


I actually really fucking like this album.

Admittedly the 1st side is a lot better than the 2nd side, but it’s a bloody terrific 1st side that frankly it justifies the whole album. I’m sure someone will properly analyse the lyrics and inform me that it’s actually shit, but it sounds superbly pleasant to me, as they always have done.


Yeah, it’s a great album

Some incredible stuff, particularly post 21

There are some videos of them going through the list. This isn’t available for Freeview people, but Sky + ones should watch out for Alex Jones’s InfoWars edit on the Showcase channel.
(Channel 192- It used to be 202 or 201 but hey! They keep moving the show and channels around without telling anyone who hasn’t got a TV planner! Almost as if Sky doesn’t want Alex’s show to be successful!) at 9.00PM this Friday. It isn’t always Alex hosting the show. (Although his parts are brilliant) he also has a European and another American hosting parts of the show. It is basically reports of news with a totalitarian agenda. The TSA hiring convicted paedophiles as staff at airports seemed to be the latest story. The UK seems a few weeks behind the original unedited broadcast. (And you’ve no idea how shit scary it is at first when you start saying “I know!” when stuff gets reported as breaking news or a short story on Newsnight) And also he was having a go at Rand Paul for dropping out and supporting Romney. And how both of them are married to the Federal Reserve who’s lease is running out and other scary headache stuff you can actually watch now that HIGNFY isn’t on at the moment.

Wow however this person is they were fully out there in paranoia-ville back in 2012 so bugger knows how bad they might be now.


Always wanted to hear SYMM live… :roll_eyes:

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Radiohead playing THE KING OF LIMBS LIVE
Coldplay playing MYLO XYLOTO LIVE
Weezer playing RADITUDE LIVE


Surely even they are looking forward to this?

Playing songs from that album with a couple of great tunes and a load of guff… But this time with all the guff left in!!

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Gwenno will bounce em off stage

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The second half of that album is such a slog, and even the better songs aren’t exactly massive bangers enhanced by a live airing.

(Also, this must be the first time an album I saw toured originally is getting a nostalgia show.)

(My Vitriol excluded)

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Looks like they’ve taken Nobody Loved You off the album for the reissue and inserted Prologue To History in its place. Mental. Doesn’t fit in with the feel of the album at all…

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At track 12!

I think it was in contention for the album at some point (it got played live a lot) but that’s so weird.

There’s a demo version on the second CD but the original version doesn’t even make it onto the b-sides disc. One of them must realllllly hate it.

This is my worst Manics album, tell me yours.

(Sharn’t be going - only really like two or three songs from TIMTTMY and I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the 2nd half of it once all the way through).

(Inclusion of Prologue… makes me like the album a tad more however).

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Agree it being a Mental decision - its absolutely blistering (sonically as well as emotionally) and as much as i like Prologue to History its not a welcome replacement imo

Strange :frowning:

Tempted to go to one of these because I’m Not Working and Born A Girl are bucket list set list options. Prologue To History over Nobody Loved You is a ridiculous decision though.

The ad^ doesn’t mention it but apparently there’s a ‘special one-off’ Welsh date TBA as well. My money’s on Cardiff Castle again. They’re blatantly not booking Swansea stadium for this, like they did for the EMG show a couple of years ago.

Nah…Built To Spill are doing Keep It Like A Secret next year and I am well up for that :+1:

i have a massive soft spot for that album, especially Ready for Drowning which is an all-time Manics tune for me. But yeah, a lot of it is shit.

“In the beginni-hing
When we were winning
When our smiles were genooowin”

“The world is full of refugees
They’re just like you and just like me”



Nobody Loved You is absolutely 100% nowhere near the worst song on the album, presumably something or other about the lyrics (it’s about Richey innit?) must be the issue, maybe the family didn’t like it? (Hard to think they would casually withdraw a song about Richey if the family liked it??)

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