It’s not something I ever think about to be honest. But while looking up the Seldom, Always, Never rule for suit buttons I’ve fallen down a manliness rabbithole that I’ve only just crawled back out of.

Was very wary initially, obviously, and then lulled into a false sense of security by the apparent reasonableness of the tone and content. Unfortunately they blew it with their list of 14 red flags while dating (dating women obviously, didn’t see any gay manliness discourse). I’m sure there’s other stuff to be concerned about too.

This kind of site anyone’s bag? See a need for it?

on first pass at least, it’s that thing, i reckon, where some men need this sort of a site as a halfway house to letting go of ‘manliness’ as something to worry about. like this eases them into the concept of exploring how they think about themselves when the world-mind final answer is ‘fuck, who cares about what being a ‘man’ is?’. But you can’t force that final truth on people so this is like getting there very gradually


This is probably the place to mention that i was confused then pretty chuffed that a woman with many colours in her hair who looked cooler than cool and her male pal referred to me as a ‘daddy’ in amsterdam. Felt prrrreeetttty :sunglasses: about it, and even A thought it was an achievement, likely helped by the fact that she would never use that term for her own dad due to obvious differences in nationality.

that’s all i’ve got.

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Thanks I hate it



Why are you even asking?


You don’t give anything a chance!

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was she a wrestling fan per chance ?


isn’t everyone? and tbf that’s a comparison i will take

it’s a strong look, I’ll give you that.

I’m so manly I post this on the internet


I’m very closed off emotionally and I used a screwdriver the other day