Mannerisms that do your nut



Stolen from the other thread in which meow is talking about her mum going oooh and ahh.

-Someone in work starts about 95% of sentences of with “ain’t bein funny but” and finishes them off with “know what I mean?”

It’s a sort of PEOPLE WHO thread, so get stuck in and vent.


PEOPLE WHO justify behaving like a prick with “it’s just bants, innit!”


+1 for not being funny but.

The people who say this have never been funny. They don’t need the disclaimer.


My mum always tries to finish the sentence you’re saying in unison with you, it’s fucking weird and does my absolute nut in.


My mum does this annoying thing where she’ll be reading a newspaper and go “Oh that’s weird/awful/funny isn’t it?” rather than just saying what it is. One of these days, mother. ONE :fried_egg: OF :fried_egg: THESE :fried_egg: DAYS


When people end facebook posts with



Do you work with Craig from Love Island?


Oh god, justsaying really does my nut too


Who did this?
I’m screaming!


Ooh this sounds like a fantastic game. I’m gonna give this a go.



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42 times during 16 mins of airtime!


Sorry not sorry


I’d a friend who used to do that in school and it really annoyed me too, I feel quite bad about it now for some reason.


…for some reason.

Bit late, sorry. Blame my shit wifi.


I’m beginning to feel very uncomfortable in my own thread


Her name isn’t Michelle is it?


ex colleague used to preface her stories with 'this was absolutely hilarious, by the way:"

i think you can guess whether or not that was the case


I think she does it to show that she knows what you’re saying and agrees with it.

Good luck though, let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


Did he follow it by saying “JINX!”