Mannerisms that other people have noticed about you

That you hadn’t noticed yrself.

Thought this seemed like an interesting thread based on a conversation I just had. My colleague just informed me that I dance quite a lot during the working day (to paraphrase - “back when you were quite shy and not talking much, I noticed that you’d do a little dance while we’re walking down the street, or going to the toilet, etc.”

I’ve never noticed this before and it’s apparently such a common thing to the point that she says I should consider taking dance classes because I do it so much


Someone at work pointed out that I look the opposite way when going around corners and they’re absolutely bang on and I’ve walked into loads of people over the years and I don’t know why I do it.


Friend in university said I always look very determined to get to my destination in terms of walking style and at the time I was like ‘of course I am, why else would I be walking somewhere’ but now I know he probably meant I look like I’m on my way to an important meeting or holding in a giant shit when really I just want to take a walk.

this was a decade ago, maybe my gradually eroding posture makes me less determined-looking.

I have a nervous laugh most people pick up on.

Used to always tut and roll my eyes while flicking my head up like that guy that got sacked for doing it in Alan Partridge.

quite a few things that turned out to be fairly mild tourette’s in the end lol. (I don’t mind at all btw)

had this weird neck crick/shrug that I’ve done a lot for like 4 years. before that, it was what I call ‘power blinking’, and numerous others my whole life. I used to kind of grunt at the back of my throat a lot as a kid, and it sounded like I was saying ‘cup’ all the time.

my dad has it too, very very obviously, but also obviously, not diagnosed. he’s had customers ask to be let out his cab because they thought he was having a seizure or something.


When I was younger I used to say something then my lips would mouth it again afterwards. My family picked up on it. Sure that’s an ND thing.

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Twitching all the time

I have very mild ticks, little shrugs and full on spasms/clapping sometimes that I just find vaguely amusing for the most part.

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nervous yawn

very very annoying, people think I’m being rude when I’m just a shy wee fella.

also I stand up off the floor weird

also I sit on the floor a lot

somebody pointed out once that sometimes I’ll stand with my arm on my hip like this

I like it

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Didn’t know this, I do all of these

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Someone once told me I piss like this

Sorry Bam :sweat_smile:

don’t be sorry just get that looked at


‘You don’t say much but when you do it’s worth listening to’