A lot like human lefts


Salting you’re watermelon actually makes it sweeter

Wait a minute what


Had a male doctor (professor) that I was working with and who knew full well that I have a PhD in immunology sit for about 20 minutes and explain in excruciatingly basic detail what neutrophils and macrophages are (GCSE level stuff). Really couldn’t believe it and it still irks me to this day that I was expected to just sit there and take it because he was my senior.

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I guiltily enjoy getting to a point in a friendship where I can “post-mansplain” – so I can say to a friend who is a teacher that “a school is where children go and learn”


Yeah, my Gran’s grandparents (or something like that) were pirates

There’s a guy I work with who pretends to not quite be sure of things so he can explain them to us in what he thinks is a non patronising way. The term he most does this with is BAME.

‘BAME, so, if I’m right that’s, Black, Asian and minority ethnic, yeah?’ and he says it really slowly so we can, I guess, write it down. Phew, thanks for that.

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woah woah woah. pedal back. womansplain to me about this please. oh i see senor has already covered this


hoist the mainsplain


always hated that bit when you are a passenger in a car and you’re chatting to your mate the driver but you have to keep sneaking in telling them when to turn because they don’t know where they are dropping you off and you have to time it right and listen to the conversation and seem casual about it too


how many turnings prior is optimal to let somebody know to turn?

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always hated the bit when I’m the driver and my mate told me when to turn and I said “yeah” and then ended up not slowing down enough and I have to say “yeah shit sorry - but the sat nav should account for that and come up with a slightly different route, I reckon – and yeah shit sorry I missed that other turn because I was explaining that. I’m too shy to hassle about petrol money so tbh you get what you pay for eh”

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you lost me here

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Yeah, sorry it’s not more exciting really. They’re still around now apparently (pirates, not my ancestors) which is interesting. Don’t think they’re good guys though.
Fascinating looking into that sort of thing, that side of my family is some mild inbreeding and pirates.


I guess it depends if people know where their own house is

Always a bit wary of dunking on mansplainers too hard as a guy just cos I’m pretty sure that I (and pretty much all men tbh) are probably guilty of it on occasion.

I guess being aware of it and checking yourself as a result is a positive.



Won’t you come out to play


yeah that’s just stupid obviously

Reckon you can tell a mansplainer by those who will correct your pronunciation. Must be the same people.

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When I’m hiring people on upwork I pretend to be a man to avoid this