Map of the whole of the UK with the best selling artist from each county labelled on it






Who the fuck are The Struts?


I see music has yet to break into Rutland


south african fenders


Good to see Level 42 owning whatever island that is


Jersey I think


The best selling band from my home county, you Philistine!

No fucking clue either


Spooky Tooth too.


My absolute boy Craig David’s stranglehold over Hampshire remains unchallenged. Excellent.


had no idea Olivia Newton John was from Cambridgeshire.

Also, Beth Orton has outsold the Darkness? This surprises me.





Ok, so they’re an emo wedding band


Sounds that way. Never had a UK single.
I can’t believe they have sold more records than White Town given Your Woman was no.1…


the whole of the UK


If all of these artists were given a small army (same size, lets be fair) and asked to fight to the death, who do you think would be ruler of the whole of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Rutland) in 6 months time?


Aphex has got a pretty solid base, risk style.


But Level 42 could just sit there and wait for it all to play out??


Shed 7 have too much territory to defend.

Witter: DEAD


China Drum have just killed Sting