Map of the whole of the UK with the best selling artist from each county labelled on it



dooood, that’s easily one of their worst songs. although that album is fucking great fun



That’s a very niche like (here) thanks @xylo


he fucking loves that shit


Birthplace of erstwhile DiS troll Andrew Collins.


this is just perfect


everyone’s a Tory though even the poor. Except for in Corby


Yeah that’s true, and even then we flip-flop between Tory and Labour these days thanks to the boundaries being changed and village scum influencing our vote.


load of people lamenting the lack of money that the county has right now, loudly. and if you say ‘erm… they kept council tax super low to appease you ****s, and look what’s happened’ they look at you like you’re mad


For the record I wasn’t attacking Stone personally, just her music and the fact she’s apparently the most successful musician to come out of Kent. I was basically attacking Kent and everyone that resides in it.

I hope this helps stop the accusations of me picking on J.Stone


What? Is it Belgium?


Oooh that stings.


In a recent Stuart Maconie (I know, I know) book he said if it wasn’t for the “working-class” Tory vote the Conservatives would hardly ever win elections. That hit me hard. There’s a few round my way who love Jacob Rees-Mogg too, but probably mainly for his hard Brexit plans.


when people are struggling it often helps them to feel like they are better or more worthy than someone else I guess