Maps of Best Selling Musical Artists in England

Broken down by English county from which they originate:

And by London borough:


Really satisfying seeing a tiny Sting next to a massive Shed Seven


Also for some reason associated cher lloyd with scotland after the DISGUSTIN meme

I’m sure we’ve all got the same two questions- who are China Drum and who are The Struts?

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Good Lord, I was not expecting to see Spiritualized on that first map :smiley:

Can’t believe ‘Spooky Tooth’ outsell British Sea Power

I’m from Cumbria and have never heard of Spooky Tooth. Would have guessed It Bites would have taken the dubious prize of Cumbria’s biggest act. It’s not a very high bar, obviously.

I’ve heard of Spooky Tooth but haven’t heard of It Bites tbh

There’s a few of those that are very dubious. Pete Doherty, Robson Green and Eric Burdon were all born in Northumberland, for instance. Have none of them sold more records than China Drum?

Actually BSP formed in Brighton didn’t they? Think it’s just that most of them are from Cumbria originally. Fair enough I suppose

Yes, with bands it’s usually where they are formed that counts. Wild Beasts are definitely from Cumbria (but not as big as Spooky Tooth)

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No music has ever been made in Rutland

Was quite into China Drum for a while back in the day.

They were probably best known for this Kate Bush cover

You don’t want to know. They’re like a Jet tribute act

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Looks like It Bites had one top 10 hit back in the 80s - it’s terrible…

I’ve got the 7 inch single of this!!

I’ve been meaning to listen to The Beautiful South for a while. Quite a nice name and well-rated discography.

I ended up getting into South instead this year. But knowing that they’re from that part of the UK and that my RYM ratings map is empty for that part of the UK, I might as well.