March 2020 Film Thread

It also seems weirdly under advertised. You’d think if they were going for the remake it;d be for the numbers, but the first I heard of it was the other week.

I think I’ve seen Involuntary too, I liked the Haneke type influence on it

Yeah that one is really disconcerting too!

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I’m glad you noticed. x

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Watched Number 37, a South African remake of Rear Window. Thought it did a nice job of transporting the story into an updated and gritty situation, was well done

Did this last night, loved it


Now watch the video to Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol!


2 months in letterboxd stats dump.

Seen: 31
New to me: 31
At the cinema: 5
Best: Ida (5/5)
Worst: boarding gate, the plagiarists (1/5)

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I love stats

Seen: 37
New to me: 37
At the cinema: 16
Best: Uncut Gems (5/5)
Worst: Table 19 (1/5)

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I really need to get into Letterboxd

I love Table 19 :frowning:

Really? It was so tedious!

tbf I probably should have said Cats but that was a 2/5 for the cinema experience.

This the only perfect 5/5. Only given one so I can be sparing but have quite a few 4.5s

Yeah I really liked it! I think its cause it had such sniffy reviews and I went in expecting nothing but it won me over. Probably helped by the soundtrack but I found it sweet.

Im a bit of a sucker for Steve Merchant, think I Give It A Year is one of the best romcoms of recent times

I Give it a Year was excellent !

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Happy March Film Thread everyone.

Stat attack…

Seen: 85 (disclaimer! 62 feature films, I put on a night of shorts, and log short films too)
New to me: 38
At the cinema: 17
Best: Portrait of a Lady on Fire (5/5)
Worst: Dolittle (1/5)

i can’t fucking figure this out

that’s still a fair whack, there’s only been 61 days this year ffs


Statistically I would go as far as to say that is more films than days. #imadataanalyst


I signed up to Letterboxd on 6th Jan. since then

Seen: 53
New to me: 27
At the cinema: 2
Best: Barry Lyndon (best film I’d not seen already) (5/5)
Worst: Greta (1/5)

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