March 2022 Film News/Trailer chat thread

At last, the comic book film we’ve all been waiting for - Morbius is almost here!

4th March
The Batman
Ali & Ava

11th March
Great Freedom
Red Rocket
Master Cheng
A Banquet
Turning Red (Disney+)
The Adam Project (Netflix)

18th March
Paris, 13th District
The Phantom of the Open
Three Floors
The Nan Movie
Windfall (Netflix)

25th March
The Worst Person in the World

30th March
Zero Fucks Given (Mubi)

31st March

@cliquester - that thing about the Coen brothers removing a few minutes from the Millers Crossing Criterion release is baffling stuff, no idea what possesses filmmakers to do this

Yeah it’s crazy; not even them actually doing it like they did with Blood Simple, but nobody saying anything at Criterion until it was already on sale, then it turns out there are 76 changes!

Miller’s Crossing chat:

What is the deal with Disney putting Pixar films onto Disney+? I mean, I am not complaining as a D+ subscriber, but it feels strange.

Using Pixar now to bump up subscriber numbers for Disney+ - must be pretty infuriating for Pixar staff, especially when stuff like Sing 2 is raking it in at the cinema at the moment and Disney films like Encanto get a cinema release

Yeah it is really odd that’s still happening.

Lightyear is presumably cinema only though so there is that.

Aye thats about right tbf


Oh yeah, even Disney isn’t so stupid as to leave that box office on the table

Would there be any actual story to a Madonna biopic beyond “woman becomes pop star”?

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John Belushi died 40 years ago today :frowning:


Rumour is that Disney heads dumped it on to + because they didn’t think a film about a Chinese girl would bring in crowds to cinemas. When they green lit it they were thinking of that sweet Chinese box office but now China aren’t releasing Disney films for some reason.

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Do you mean that literally or is the reason really obvious for other people who’ve been paying attention to film news?

The Mulan film from a couple of years ago was “culturally offensive” and they’ve banned all Disney films since. Everyone else is still releasing films.

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Oh right, cheers