March 2023 Film News/Trailer chat thread

Someone really liked Into the Spider-verse, huh.

Cast list is absolutely stacked as well. Into this:


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Something about the visuals reminds me of that voxel game, Outcast, for some reason.

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Any takers?


Oh no Jennifer Lawrence what happened to you

From the director of Good Boys :smiley:
He’s also the writer of Bad Teacher/Year One :expressionless:

That looks utterly batshit and such a deeply bad idea for a film in 2023. Ooft.

It’s like the hottie and the nottie

I’m oddly comforted that A-list actors are still doing R-rated comedies in 2023 to be honest. That wiener-dog gag is terrible though.

Did not know Dungeons and Dragons was from the wonderful lads behind Game Night

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Thought for sure this would be the first one with mixed reviews:

Sounds like the Babylon of action films

The Guardian review this morning is pretty negative. Pleased to see they’re not all like that.

Rewatched the first one last week and was surprised almost by how lean it is. 1hr 40! The finale is just a quick bit on a docks and not some massive set piece!

Sign me UP.

the first one is an all timer, and then they started to believe their own hype. not sure 3 was any good.

I think the first two are broadly comparable and then 3 is easily the weakest because they thought people loved the lore as much as the action and it also doesn’t progress the story at all.

the ending of 1 is such a neat idea and leads well into 2. 2 should’ve ended the story, but extended it… and then 3 was wheel spinning as you say.

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It’s annoying how any film that gets vaguely popular has to have a million sequels and a spin off series.

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Today is Michael Caine’s 90th birthday

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