March 21st Evening Thread


Alright dissers?

I’m currently eurostarring, and thought I was doing really well with my giant macaron (see below) but the girl next to me has cracked open a bottle of wine and is watching Fifty Shades! What are you all up folks?


Hi y’all

I spent today at the beach with my team, we walked up the beach and drank two bottles of rose wine by a fire in the sunshine. Great team building. Also my team mates just sent me a text thanking me for organising - all I did was reserve a lunch table hahahahaha. Feels good though :slight_smile:

Just treated myself to a poke bowl as well, omnomnom

Gonna take a bath and do some crosswords and have an early night I think.


Sounds like a good day gp


My only evening this week when I’m not having to go out drinking. Gonna eat a salad.


Hi :wave:


On the bus 'ome. Forgot my landlord is coming over tomorrow so gotta tidy tonight, fffuuuu. Prolly watch another 2/3 eps of northern exposure which the tv will be thrilled about. Gotta prepare for a studio sesh tomorrow as well. #busybrag


Got some of these on way home.


Tonight is my late night to 8:30, and it’s the first week where we’ve rented out two floors to two other companies. So now when I lock up I need to go and tell them I’m locking up (hopefully they’ve gone already), this makes me quite anxious, why am I so bad at talking to strangers.


Tell me you’re gonna eat all six in a one-er


Away with work so gonna go out for a few beers then a meal. Gone for this pumpkin-centric main:

Pumpkin ravioli, roasted pumpkin & pumpkin purée, roquette, toasted pine nuts


Hi witches!


Cwbaft. Missus and son already had a bit of a few. Described as “disappointing”. Get your own fucking doughnuts next time then!


Going to the cinema to see A Fantastic Woman a bit later. Got a whole bar of Cadbury Oreo Peanut Butter to munch on while I’m there :yum:


Sounds like a nice dinner m9. Where abouts are you working away?


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: sometimes I just don’t have that much to contribute, ERIC :blush:

ANYWAY. It’s a miracle! I’m going to the gym! In a bit. And then I’m going to come back and try and tick a bunch of stuff off a massive list I’ve made AND THEN… I’m going to eat some bacon and maybe some beans.


You always have something worth contributing in my threads witches.


Waiting for ma pal to finally pick up all the shite he’s left in my flat for the past 6/7 months. He’s an hour late, well he’s actually 6/7months late but hey ho.

I’m hungry.


Ooooh lovely you :blush: You’re my favourite.


This might get your hopes up a wee bit but maybe, just maybe, he’s got you a bottle of something to say thanks. imagine


I remember when he was dropping his stuff off and it was absolutely definitely only going to be for a month :grinning: