March 21st Evening Thread

Alright dissers?

I’m currently eurostarring, and thought I was doing really well with my giant macaron (see below) but the girl next to me has cracked open a bottle of wine and is watching Fifty Shades! What are you all up folks?


Sounds like a good day gp

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Hi :wave:


On the bus 'ome. Forgot my landlord is coming over tomorrow so gotta tidy tonight, fffuuuu. Prolly watch another 2/3 eps of northern exposure which the tv will be thrilled about. Gotta prepare for a studio sesh tomorrow as well. #busybrag

Got some of these on way home.


Tonight is my late night to 8:30, and it’s the first week where we’ve rented out two floors to two other companies. So now when I lock up I need to go and tell them I’m locking up (hopefully they’ve gone already), this makes me quite anxious, why am I so bad at talking to strangers.

Tell me you’re gonna eat all six in a one-er

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Away with work so gonna go out for a few beers then a meal. Gone for this pumpkin-centric main:

Pumpkin ravioli, roasted pumpkin & pumpkin purée, roquette, toasted pine nuts

Hi witches!


Cwbaft. Missus and son already had a bit of a few. Described as “disappointing”. Get your own fucking doughnuts next time then!

Going to the cinema to see A Fantastic Woman a bit later. Got a whole bar of Cadbury Oreo Peanut Butter to munch on while I’m there :yum:

Sounds like a nice dinner m9. Where abouts are you working away?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: sometimes I just don’t have that much to contribute, ERIC :blush:

ANYWAY. It’s a miracle! I’m going to the gym! In a bit. And then I’m going to come back and try and tick a bunch of stuff off a massive list I’ve made AND THEN… I’m going to eat some bacon and maybe some beans.


You always have something worth contributing in my threads witches.

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Waiting for ma pal to finally pick up all the shite he’s left in my flat for the past 6/7 months. He’s an hour late, well he’s actually 6/7months late but hey ho.

I’m hungry.


Ooooh lovely you :blush: You’re my favourite.

This might get your hopes up a wee bit but maybe, just maybe, he’s got you a bottle of something to say thanks. imagine

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I remember when he was dropping his stuff off and it was absolutely definitely only going to be for a month :grinning:


Guildford, so not very exciting. End up down here every few months.


Tonight’s masterchef is on at 8pm.

Repeat: 8pm