March 21st Evening Thread

In fairness it was him who brought me round a special edition bottle of lagavulin a couple of weeks back :tumbler_glass::+1:


Haha yip, but then deep down I knew that was never gonna fucking happen :grinning:

That is one giant Macron

I’ve just retuned my digital television like it’s 2005. Got Russia Today :+1: and three new kids tv channels (bit weird) and Channel 5+1 :-1:

Pfft. Yeah, that’s brilliant.

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Yeah it was pretty decent, haha and he just text me saying he’s got a case of champagne in his boot and he’s gonna give me a bottle :grinning::+1:


Listening to Football Weekly and having a beer. Heading for Japanese food and then going to the board game café as well. Mrs. K is mad competitive at Scrabble so this could get ugly.

Haha, uuuuum, give me it.

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It’s on weds now? Ffffuuuuu

Speaking of which I’m going to need to store a load of stuff somewhere for about six months soon and I here you’ve got some space free now?



2 x book cases filled with books
1 x clothes rail loaded with clothes
1 x fetching yellow bike

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Do you have a limited edition bottle of whisky handy?! :wink:

Funnily enough my dad used to have a contract with the whisky distilleries of Scotland and every time he went to a distillery would get given a bottle (more than he could ever drink). So we’ve probably got one of the finest collections on Scotland at home.


Jesus, don’t tell him that!


You know that won’t help much right?


Oooo!! Take a photo of it next time you’re home. I want a gander.

I worked for a place that used to do the website for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society so they were always giving the designers bottles of proper well fancy limited edition bottles covered in really nice illustrations. I was very jealous.

Pub drinking lovely beer. Home in a bit to make lamb koftas

properly addictive that coca cola isn’t it


Meant to be going to fever ray in Manchester but stuck in Leeds

If anyone wants the tickets they can have them

I gave it up completely about three years ago and then had one about a month ago. Had about five since. I’m doomed.

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