March 21st Evening Thread

just craving either that or beer don’t even care which

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Beers probably better for you

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got an ulcer in my mouth so i’m not drinking :frowning:

got to do some work tonight but as I’m just having a bite to eat & a cup of tea, gonna go for a


Things all started to go up a gear one week ago today when my track Silver Threaded Crystal beads got added to a Spotify curated playlist

they rotate that playlist once a week & from today it’s a new playlist so I expect my figures will drop off again although the Django Django remix I did only came out last Friday so we’ll see how that does

but yeah
almost 30,000 plays & over 26,000 listeners in a week is nae too shabby

this looks good to me

this looks VERY good company to be among

And from this, just in the last day or two I’ve started being algorithmically added to people’s ‘Discover Weekly’ playlists which I guess is what happens when you rack up enough plays

I particularly like this one though

and listeners in 62 different countries overall

even city stats

so yeah, that’s been my week. It would be nice if it continued at this pace but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Having said that, it took 3 weeks from the Intergraded release to it landing in a Spotify playlist and before a week ago I was on 895 monthly listeners and now, yeah

anyone got any STAT Q’s before I finish this sandwich & cup of tea?


Aw noo :frowning: well I prescribe a hefty dose of delicious dilute juice instead!

Is it just your reflection xylo?


It was snowing pretty heavily earlier so I went to the gym where I’m staying and lifted some heavy objects whilst listening to loud music :metal:

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you can talk to us

sending +ve vibes in the meantime

a good bike ride is often an excellent remedy for most things though so go get those innertubes


Pubs are the best


cold. gonna stay in bed all evening like a decrepit hermit.

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If there’s one thing that riding a bike does to me, it is the ability to work through some shitty moods or situations.

Sending virtual hugs yr way man x


omg the cat’s come to see me :heart:


More Japanese food details please.

(also, hope you enjoy it and the board games :slight_smile:)

or take @safebruv’s Fever Ray tickets for tonight - if there isn’t catharsis there you won’t find it anywhere

oh nvm. the dafty can’t work out how to come through the ajar door.

So ma pal finally turned up (with another inebriated pal :grinning:) - yay
He took half the stuff cos he decided not to empty his car with a pile of other shit beforehand - nay
He’s getting the rest tomorrow…probably.

Just been for an Indian (Ranjit’s Kitchen) had sabji and aloo tikI. Sabji was mostly potato so al feel a bit potatoey.

Now drinking a beetroot ipa cos I’m a massive wanker.

Limmy soon.


Here’s the menu!

It’s supposed to be very good, so I’m looking forward to it. Will report back! (Will enjoy the boardgames too!)

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They’re on dice you got it I’ll transfer them